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Get Earnest Money Deposit Protection with the Buyer EMD Guarantee Program exclusively by USA Lending. We stand behind your preapproval with a guarantee of up to $6,000.00*

How the Buyer EMD Guarantee Program Works

When we preapprove you for a home loan, your preapproval certificate includes a Buyer Protection Guarantee:

  • If we cannot close the transaction, we’ll pay up to $1,000.00 for inspection and appraisal costs.
  • We’ll also reimburse you any lost earnest money deposit up to $5,000.00.
  • That’s up to $6,000.00 in total guarantees!

With our proprietary earnest money protection program, you know you can safely buy your dream home.

Our USA Lending Buyer Protection Guarantee allows you to submit your offer without a “Loan Contingency.” Writing an offer with no financing contingency will improve your offer and increase the likelihood your offer will be accepted by the Seller when you’re in a multiple-offer situation.

Your earnest money deposit is protected up to the $5,000.00 guaranteed number. If your loan does not close, * USA Lending will reimburse you any lost deposit up to $5,000.00.

Why USA Lending?

With USA Lending, you’ll find a wide arry of loan products, along with an expert staff with the dedication and expertise to close on-time. We’ve helped thousands of people achieve their homeownership goals. Today, we’re a leading mortgage lender with some of the industry’s highest customer service ratings.

Protect Your Earnest Money Today

Protect your earnest money deposit today! You are ready to purchase your dream home and you need a mortgage. You are trying to be competitive with your offer so you can beat out other home shoppers. Use our Buyer Protection Guarantee program to help you win in today’s market. Remember for the best mortgage advisors, call on our Team at USA Lending to give you guidance and expertise to help you navigate the complex mortgage landscape.

CLICK HERE, to Protect Your Earnest Money Today!

*subject to requirements listed in the program terms, conditions and eligibility requirements.

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